You Need Health Insurance

Think you don't need it? Think you can't afford it? Please think again.

Under the new health care law, thousands of Arkansans will qualify for free or low-cost health insurance, and you'll qualify even if you already have health conditions.

Nearly 45,000 Americans die each year because they don't have health insurance. Without health insurance, it's hard to find a doctor and even harder to pay for prescriptions.

Get insurance and get:

  • The best care, from the best doctors.
  • Free checkups and cancer screenings.
  • Prescription drugs for a whole lot less.
  • And more.

If you are shopping on the Health Insurance Marketplace, the Open Enrollment Period ends on March 31, 2014. To sign up for a plan for 2014, you must enroll by this date. Call us today at 1-866-283-4817 to get enrolled! We are here to help.

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